Website Repair

If you've designed your own website or it's old and not mobile responsive, you may be experiencing some exasperating problems.

website repair
A slow loading website can lead to road rage level fury.

Slow loading website

Waiting for your slow website to launch makes you crazy, right? Even worse, you're trying the patience of your visitors. And do they really have any? Probably not any more than 5 seconds, to get statistical on you. Also, and this is the really bad news... your Google ranking will be affected. You know, that thing that decides if Google will serve up your site when people go searching for your products and services.

  • Large images incorrectly optimised
  • Too many installed website plugins
  • Incompatible / conflicting plugins
  • Too many complicated elements on pages
  • Inadequate server space

Website / elements not loading

Sometimes there is a conflict in the coding or an incompatible plugin - both of which are easily resolved with a spot of website repair. Of course in some cases, it's a major problem and a beautiful new, streamlined and functional website is in order. This could be a great thing. Honestly.

Website listed low on search engines

SEO is an easy problem to solve. It just requires including the correct keywords, meta tags and descriptions. But, if your website is large, adding in the SEO can be time consuming, tedious (even for a borderline masochist like me)  and potentially expensive. If you'd rather not pay for SEO services on your entire website (and I don't blame you), I can train you or your team to get the SEO where it should be. Best of all, you can tackle this project at your own pace, in reasonable chunks.

website not loading
No one wants to see this message.