Responsive web design

Fast load times, mobile responsiveness, beautiful page layout and logical funcitionality are all hallmarks of great web design.

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Why is mobile responsiveness important?

Did you know that around 50 - 70% of your web visitors are exploring your site on their mobiles? That means it's more important than ever to have a well designed website that adjusts beautifully to desktop, tablet and mobile layouts.

If your website was designed on desktop and never adjusted for mobile, it's time to take a look on your smart phone. Most likely it displays very poorly and the text is almost unreadably small. If so, it's time to upgrade, because poor mobile experience is penalised by Google. That means your listing will be much lower down in search engines and losing you business. Not sure how your website fares on mobile responsiveness? You can just enter your URL in Google's mobile-friendly test to find out.

Tea Break Consulting creates hand-crafted mobile responsive WordPress websites custom designed to operate optimally on all devices. And if you need your website repaired, I can help with that too.

Search Engine Optimisation

You've heard of it, but do you know what it is? SEO uses  keywords, meta tags and descriptions to let online search engines know what your website is all about. And that allows them to serve it up to potential clients or consumers searching for your products or services. It's like like virtual signposting for search engines.

Tea Break Consulting offers SEO including schema markup (Google's preferred language) with all web designs. I'm also happy to train your team to do it for your future web updates.

Custom CMS

You don't want to rely on an overworked webmaster to update your website with your newest content once it's launched. It might take them ages to get around to, while your newest products, services or crucial, updated details are left off your most important marketing platform - your website. It's very frustrating to be dependent on someone outside of your organisation to make even the simplest edits, which should ideally go live immediately.

That's why I make it easy by training you or your team to update directly using your custom content management system. Custom designed templates give you editing access to your website without altering the overall design and functionality.

B2B and B2C website design experience

By far the largest and most comprehensive website I have designed thus far was for the Calaveras Visitors Bureau. It was customer facing with lots of visitor information but also serviced our partner businesses with a B2B section. According to the analysis conducted by highly respected industry consultancy, SMG, it also generated an estimated $56 ROI for every dollar spent. Here's a video overview I put together for our member businesses when the site was launched: