Promotional Merchandise

Your promo merch needs to be aligned with your brand in both design & function. Does it make sense to give away branded lawn flamingos?

wine bottle promotional merch
Trade show swag

Logo business wear

If your team is heartily sick of wearing the lime green baseball hats you fish out before every tradeshow so they look like they all belong to something, you are in desperate need of logo business wear. Your team will look cohesive and professional. And that will also help them feel more connected to your organisation and better able to communicate your business mission and values.

Tradeshow & industry swag

Do people love your logo or brand? Are they begging you for product? Need giveaways for your next trade show or industry event? Those irresistible, branded giveaways will make your clients smile every time they think of your business. And the branded, promotional merchandise your clients have been dying for is easily obtainable, right here.

But let's be clear on one thing - cheap, plastic and disposable are not the kinds of swag that will generate good will for your business. Generating branded material that will end up in a landfill is more likely to be a PR disaster. I can help you come up with more relevant, connected and thoughtful ideas for your giveaways - items people will actually appreciate that will show your brand in a good light, increase brand awareness and generate more business.

One thing to consider: QR codes made a comeback during the pandemic. Now you can add them to your merch to direct people straight to the appropriate page on your website.