Print Design

What's the Big Deal?

Professional print design's not that hard right? You've made some stunning looking designs on your desktop to share on facebook.  But maybe you've also wasted hours of your valuable time trying to figure out how to get the correct size and resolution on your graphic elements. And maybe you're not really sure about outlining your fonts and setting up preflight for professional printing. That means the actual print product could look drastically different than you intended and horribly disappointing after all that work.

With decades of print design experience, I will create your project to the highest specifications, conveying your important messaging and displaying your company or organisation in its most professional light.

Faithfully Reproducing Your Unique Brand

You want your print publications, brochures, catalogues, and print advertising to look on-brand and visually stunning. I'm here to translate your vision into that great looking piece. Usually, I will come up with 3-4 preliminary alternatives after our initial meeting, which can be modified until we reach your happy place. In other words, we won't be wrestling over the design. Your delight in the finished product is my goal. Anything less, and I will be back at the proverbial drawing board (Apple laptop in my case).

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