Successful marketing is not just about executing brilliant strategies. It's also about measuring outcomes so you know what's working.

Google Data studio
Facebook audience insights

Web analytics

it's essential to pay attention to your web analytics to show which content is driving conversions and what your visitors are engaging with. This will allow you to catch those moments when some content on your website unexpectedly generates higher than average traffic.

Now you have an opportunity to include some strategic content into those pages to help drive conversions. Without analytics, you would never have had this opportunity. It could even change your business model - letting your customers help decide. your direction can be an extremely effective strategy.

Google Analytics along with Google Search Console will provide all the data needed - if you know how to generate the right reports and track your conversions. In addition, Google Data Studio feeds that data into reports which update automatically offering a quick view on your website's performance based on a multitude of  metrics.

Social media & online advertising analytics

Every social media platform offers its own metrics. These data should educate and inform your posting / advertising strategy:

  • What content resonates best with which demographic?
  • How many ads should be in your campaign?
  • Should you use AB testing on your advertising?
  • Which platform(s) will work best for your content?
  • How do you optimise the same or similar content across multiple platforms?

All of these questions are dependent on your target audiences, your budget and the length of ad run.

It can be pretty daunting dealing with all of these options if you're not working daily with social media. Add platform updates into the mix, and you need to keep on top of all those changes too.

For best results, use an expert like Tea Break Consulting. Unlike most agencies, I pay close attention to your tone of voice and brand messaging, customising your advertising and social media posts for the best possible engagement rates.