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Use the links on this page to learn more about the different types of services offered by Tea Break Design & Consulting. If you have a request for marketing that doesn't neatly fall into any of these categories, just use this handy form to provide some details and I will get right back to you.

Shout out to Dad!

In addition to designing, I am also well suited to training your team to take over where my services leave off. Literally, I have so much patience, I've been able to train my dad to update a WordPress website he's taken charge of. He's done beautifully - it does help that he's a fast learner 🙂

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Information Sharing COVID-19

Information Sharing In the Age of COVID-19

States, counties and municipalities are anxious to publish accurate information to help keep their communities safe in this time of…

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A COVID-19 Passion Project

I didn’t know it yet, but what I really needed for my own mental health was a COVID-19 passion project.…

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Responsive Web Design

Are Websites Still Necessary?

As the former executive director of the Calaveras Visitors Bureau and the creator of the GoCalaveras.com website, I looked into…

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Free SEO Tools

Your website is up and running, and looking great with, hopefully, no discernible technical issues. But is it properly optimised…

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