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Client Needs

Murphys Oaks, an exclusive subdivision in Murphys California, needed full-service marketing design including logo & brand development, responsive web design, Facebook setup, sales materials and signage. This made the project especially fun to work on - keeping the branding consistent across all platforms and developing all consumer-facing aspects of the business.

Logo & brand design

The project kicked off with logo and brand design, incorporating brand consistency with the town of Murphys, and a simple and sophisticated colour palette.

Responsive web design

Next up was website development - designed to convey all important information not only on the subdivision itself, but on the lifestyle it would afford buyers. The website is mobile responsive and looks beautiful on all devices.

As usual, instructional videos were provided to web managers after construction of the site, to allow for easy updates.

Murphys Oaks signage


Signage design for Murphys Oaks included an advertising billboard, subdivision flags, an office plaque and plot markers. The site map used on the billboard and website was created using Google Maps as the underlay, with the construction schematics overlaid and colourised using brand colours.

Client: Murphys Oaks Facebook

Social media

No business is complete without a Facebook page. Setting one up involves uploading compelling images, branding the page, including accurate information, a marketing write-up and identifying the location geographically. The image here is a screenshot of the slideshow image that plays at the top of the Facebook page.

Admin access was given to business associates. Several Facebook ad campaigns were created, and content shared, resulting in 890 page likes (fans) in just 5 months.

Murphys Oaks sales sheets

Printed collateral

Printed materials like these sales sheets were designed to print from desktop computers to allow convenient dissemination as needed for sales reps.