Calaveras County Government


The Calaveras County Government hired me to produce the county's outreach for the California Census. Needs included setting up in-person assistance stations, developing local branding and messaging, creating and disseminating marketing materials with a special emphasis on hard-to-reach communities, print, digital and radio advertising, posting on local community social media boards and responding to feedback, sharing digital video content on census participation benefits provided by the Calaveras Chamber of Commerce, attending regional census meetings virtually, and monitoring, responding to and reporting on official California Census data for the county.


For in-person census assistance, Calaveras County government set up QACs at local libraries. I designed a poster showing locations across the county that were posted in all participating QACs, other community gathering areas and across social media. I also provided training to librarians, set up login and government mandated security protocols on dedicated tablets to be used for census assistance and registration, and since this was at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, I also provided sanitation equipment and instructions. Unfortunately, due to the mandatory safety guidelines soon put in place by the State, all libraries were closed almost immediately and our QACs were no longer available as part of the outreach plan.


Digital outreach included setting up a Facebook page, creating locally branded educational content and sharing inspirational messaging to encourage participation. Posts were also shared across local news websites and all local community bulletin boards, monitored and responded to. In addition, local high schools included Census messaging on their digital billboards.


The print advertising campaign included content in voter pamphlets, and popular local newspapers. Dual-language fliers were also included in local utility bills and school newsletters, and posters were printed and displayed in public spaces throughout the county.