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Client Needs

Anthony Foster is an artist based in Canterbury, Kent, who specialises in outdoor and indoor wall murals. His work is impressive, but his website was outdated, not mobile optimised and didn't have an SSL certificate. For older websites, this is not uncommon because in the past it wasn't mandatory. However, today, if your website is not secure and encrypted, it will generate an alarming warning on Google. This is a fatal failure for your website and should be addressed immediately.

SSL Certificate

The most important first step was to get an SSL certificate for Tony's site. He had no login details for his site. That information was being held by a designer he no longer had contact information for. Since this isn't an uncommon problem (you may be surprised to learn), eventually I was able to gain access. Once in, I implemented the SSL upgrade available from his hosting service. This removed the alarming warning from Google that would stop people from visiting his site.

Responsive web design

The next step was to get the website mobile optimised. Unfortunately, the existing website had been designed using a free online web builder that was no longer supported. This meant that it couldn't be directly edited. But it wasn't the end of the world. I set up a WordPress staging site and downloaded all of the files to my website. From there I was able to upload files as needed for the new design with its simple colour scheme to feature Tony's beautiful art.


To help this website gain higher Google rankings, I started a blog for Tony with some key information about murals. Just making small additions to your website every week (a blog is an easy way to do this) demonstrates to Google that the content is fresh and relevant. And that's the kind of content Google rewards with higher ranking.