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Lisa Boulton

Founding Tea Break Consulting

At the end of 2019, I gave my Board of Directors 6 months notice of my desire to leave my position as Executive Director of the Calaveras Visitors Bureau. The plan was to move from California back to the UK. This was a job I had loved for 7 years, and I was sad to leave, but it was time to return home.

6 months gave us plenty of time to find a replacement who would not just adequately fill the role I was leaving, but would take the organisation to the next level. In addition, I gave my replacement a full month of training to make sure he was thoroughly integrated.

Meanwhile, I had put my house on the market and was hoping to sell fast. As it happened, the housing marketing was pretty slow, especially in the early months of the pandemic. So, I launched my freelance business, Tea Break Consulting, to provide an income until the house sale. It also gave me an opportunity to work on what I've called a "Covid passion project."

With 2 decades of marketing experience in the local area, and having served on multiple boards, my knowledge and expertise were known well enough to allow me to make a reasonable income from the beginning.

When my house sold and I moved back to the UK with my sons, I took 6 months to get our lives settled and then started to look for more full time work as an employee. Fortunately, I was able to find a new role fast working with a very fun team in Kent - but now I'm ready for a new challenge!

working for Cave and Mine Adventures

Marketing experience

I have marketing design experience spanning back through 3 decades. From my early days in the tech industry in Silicon Valley, to my 13 years as marketing director at an adventure recreation company, to my 7 year leadership experience as the executive director of a destination marketing non-profit, I have handled, and dare I say, mastered, most aspects of marketing. You can check out my work history.

I have extensive executive and project management experience, as well as an unusually sophisticated technical understanding due to my fondness for data analytics and figuring out how things work. I enjoy working independently, as part of a collaborative team, as a team leader, or as an independent consultant as I did when I first launched this enterprise. I love taking on new challenges, so please hit me up if there's something I can help you with.

There's a lot of fun to be had in marketing. It's a very creative endeavour offering unlimited opportunities to learn, grow, innovate and collaborate. In this field, any creative abilities you may have can be developed to enhance your work. In this way, I have often used my own photography for marketing projects over the years. Here's a little sampling:

About Tea Breaks

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...and breaks in general

Sometimes when things seem overwhelming, sitting down with a fresh mug of tea (or coffee) helps to take the stress out of the moment. And even the most daunting and complicated problem can become a rewarding puzzle to solve. That's the magic of tea breaks. Life's pretty stressful these days, and I'm upping my tea break game a little. If you think it might help, I encourage you to try the same.

Want to join me virtually over a cuppa to discuss a marketing headache? I'd love to hear from you! Please do get in touch.