About Lisa Boulton

Lisa Boulton


I have marketing design experience spanning back through 3 decades. From my early days in the tech industry in Silicon Valley, to my position as marketing director at an adventure recreation company, to my 7 year leadership experience as the executive director of a destination marketing non-profit, I have handled, and dare I say, mastered, most aspects of marketing. You can check out my very boring  but accurate, and routinely updated, Linked In profile if you're so inclined.

I have extensive executive and project management experience, as well as an unusually sophisticated technical understanding due to my fondness for data analytics and figuring out how things work. I enjoy working independently, as part of a collaborative team, as a team leader, or as an independent consultant as I am doing now. I love taking on new challenges, so please hit me up if you have a challenge I can help you with.

About Tea Breaks

tea break marketing

...and breaks in general

Sometimes when things seem overwhelming, sitting down with a fresh mug of tea (or coffee) helps to take the stress out of the moment. And even the most daunting and complicated design problem can become an enjoyable puzzle to solve. That's the magic of tea breaks. Life's pretty stressful these days, and I'm upping my tea break game a little. If you think it might help, I encourage you to try the same.